Window Switch Reversed

I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am. I recently changed the power window regulator on the driver’s window. Before I made the change (when it used to work), I would apply a brief backward pressure on the door switch and the window would go all the way down. After making the change, I have to hold the backward pressure on the switch for the window to go down, but, a brief forward pressure will cause the window to go all the way up. In other words the switch action is reversed. All of the electrical connectors are made so that they only fit one way on the switch. What happened?

I would venture to say that the connection to the motor was reversed somehow.

That was my first thought too, but if I understand the post correctly the motor isn’t operating in reverse, the “automatic” function is just now on the “up” side of the switch rather than on the “down” side.

I wondered if the battery was disconnected to replace the regulator and it caused a blip in the Body Control Module programming. But I don’t know enouugh about those BCMs to posit a guess what that might be.

I don’t know about GM, but Fords require you to “reinitialize” the unit when you change the regulator. The procedure for Ford is to roll the window all the way down, then press and hold the up switch until ten seconds after the window has fully closed.

If you didn’t replace any electrical components, it is a puzzler. I’d venture a guess that if you removed an electrical connector from the switch or anything else, that there must be a way to reverse them, despite the connector being keyed. If you replaced the window motor or switch, perhaps they sold you the wrong part?

Good info. I’ll bet that if the OP phoned the dealer shop they could look up the reinitialization procedure and read it to him.



I guess what you say about the motor direction is true but since the controls are reversed from what they were then about the only explination I can see is the motor wires were reversed. I could see the motor having to be disconnected for this repair and when it was reconnected the wiring got reversed. I don’t know how the connections are made on this but it would appear that they can be connected either way. Certainly the switch wiring didn’t get changed during this repair so the only thing that makes sense, to me at least, is the wiring at the motor was reconnected backwards.

I bet that the cable that carries the signal for expess down got installed incorrectly. The reason I think this could be the reason is that I belive that this cable is both seperate from the main switch harness and very small, I think you could jam it in backwards even if it is keyed.

I sorta rember something like this biting me about 10 years ago on a Venture mini-van.

either you can take the harness and swap around the wires, or remove the metal casing of the motor pull it out very little to avoid having trouble putting it back in and twist it a 180 turn effectively turning them magnetic force the other way which will make the power window motor going the correct way when you use the buttons.

I think after 9 years they have fixed it , just left it alone or no longer have the vehicle.

Lol, I just replaced the power motor on my Chevrolet Express 2010 had the same problem did a bit of googling and figured that either swap around the harness or take the magnetic casing swap it around.

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