Power Window has me totally stumped

2010 Explorer XLT. The left rear power window lowers, but does not raise back up with the driver’s master control switch (the 4 switch control on the driver’s door). It does, however, lower and raise fine with the single switch on it’s own rear door. Thinking it was a bad master switch module on the driver’s door, I replaced it and the same thing still happens - works fine with it’s own single switch but will only lower and not raise with the driver’s door switch. All the other windows work fine. This has me totally stumped. Any suggestions ??

this might be way off target, but maybe a bad wire connection?

I have a 2000 Exploder, and the wires in the harness through the door tend to break right at the door junction. There are many instructions on Ford forums to replace and repair the harness.

I’ll take a look at the harness this weekend. I should be able to narrow down which wire is the culprit which may make it easier. Thanks for the info.

Do not know about your car, but mine I have a button that disables all but the driver to control the windows. Possibly in the manual.

Yes - this has it too. But all the other windows work fine.

Remove the master switch, and with the connector plugged in, back probe the connector with the blue wire with the orange stripe and try raising the rear left window. If there’s voltage it’s not the master switch.

Now remove the left rear window switch, and with the connector plugged in, back probe the blue wire with the orange stripe and try raising the window from the master switch. If voltage isn’t seen at the wire, the wire is open between the master switch and the left rear window switch.


Yep seems to me you’ve eliminated the motor and the master so all that is left is the wire in between. You can run a jumper from the master to the motor to confirm. The hard part will be finding the open, however the obvious most likely place would be in the belows where the wire goes from the door to the car body. Wires don’t like getting flexed all the time with the door opening and closing.

At the master switch, I probed the blue wire w/orange stripe and and there’s voltage there (can even here ? relay). Probed the same wire at the rear window switch and no voltage. I’m assuming it’s this blue w/orange stripe wire that’s open and there’s no easy fix other than fishing another wire through the door harness to the rear window ??

Another good diagnostic, though one the dealer will need to do, is to attach a scan tool to the car and monitor the body controller module–it will tell you if it is ‘seeing’ the proper input from the switches. Any more the BCM receives commands from the switches and operates the motors, power locks, and pretty much everything else. Gone are the days when there were direct connections to the motors through the switch.

I guess the point is that if the switch and wiring check out, the BCM could have a problem.

The BCM isn’t involved with the power windows.

That’s the first thing I looked for in the power window circuit.


What I’m planning on doing is trying to isolate where the wire is broken by checking the continutity at various places. But as Bing noted, I’m guessing it’s somewhere in the door bellow. I actually had a similar problem on an older Explorer that my son had many years ago and fishing the wire through wasn’t easy. Thanks everyone for the help.