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03 grand am 2-door

my passenger door glass wont go down… when you press the pwr window button, you can tell its trying to work but no success.

??? any comments???

Yea - something is hanging up the window’s or the motor isn’t getting enough juice for one reason or another. (Or both).

You’re going to have to fix it if you want it to work. This will likely mean pulling the interior door panel. You could start by just pulling the switch and cleaning the connectors - but I wouldn’t hold out so much hope for just that.

If you see the window trying to lower, it usually means the window regulator’s defective and requires replacement. IIRC, the window regulator can be replaced without also having to replace the window motor on your vehicle.


I did the driver`s window in my in-laws car a few months back, it was the plastic clips that hold the window to the regulator. Everything else was fine.

If you plan on doing it yourself, open the door panel up and determine the exact cause of failure before buying parts, unless you can afford to buy everything and can return it no penalty. (Almost everywhere charges return or restocking, nowadays.)

I would investigate what is causing the problem. The clips are GM only, as far as I know.