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Broken Power Window on 2003 Vue

I keep my windows cracked during the day (live in Southern AZ) and tried to roll it up. The rear driver window would not roll up. After driving a little bit, the window “rolled” down and won’t go up. The motor works but I think the window is detached from it. How can I fix this or at least roll up the window?

You could use the tried and true method of a door-stop in the window frame, but I think a better option would be to take it to a mechanic and have the window put back on the track (making sure it’s not damaged) or you could do it yourself. It’s not hard I’ve done it for many a friend.

What you hear trying to make the window move is probably not the motor, but a broken regulator that the motor is still trying to move. The motors by themselves are relatively silent. The regulator is just not moving the window. You’ll have to pop off the door panel to either replace the regulator, which will come with a motor, or to put something like a stick between the bottom of the window and the bottom of the door. Yes, I’ve seen several of them “fixed” this way, not that I recommend it. Duct tape applied to the inside verticle edges can hold it up temporarily if you can help the glass up by hand without removing the door panel. Not that I recommend that either. The unsightly tape will be visible from both sides. Aftermarket (spelled C-H-I-N-E-S-E) regulators are available on ebay. I’ve bought several that way. Only one was a failure.

To see what the problem is you’ll have to remove the door panel. It’ll probably be obvious what the problem is at that point.