Power window repair



My driver’s side window will not go back up. Is this an easy do it yourself project, or does it need to be professionally done? I have talked with Mazda and parts are really expensive even if you can get them. Are OEM parts available? I really want to hold onto this car as long as I can. It is a 1993 RX-7 with a build date of May 1992, and 155,000+ miles.


I think you might have better luck with this on an RX-7 forum. I don’t blame you for wanting to keep this car. Is that 155K on the original engine?


Do you know the part(s) that are broken and need replacing? That is half the battle.

This is not nearly as bad as you think, I worked on auto-glass for a few years. This kind of stuff happens all the time and the scariest part is not knowing what to do. Start by calling a few local stores or “recyclers”, if you can get them locally, great!

Taking off the door panel is fairly simple, usually a couple of screws coupled with plastic anchor studs. The studs will most likely need replacing because they are barbed and tend to break, but you can get those cheap at the local autoparts store. Once you are inside, most of the parts are connected with “snap together” eletrical fittings, so you can just unplug them and plug in new ones. I cannot speak about the Mazda specifically, but the hard part is bending your arms around into the door itself, sometimes manufacturers are nice an make it easy, most do not.

Take your time, like a Saturday, if you are inexperienced. These were built by people, you CAN figure it out. Good Luck!


No, I’m on my second engine, second round of convertors, one replaced with a down pipe. For a few years, I enjoyed performance driving with Porsche clubs at Mid Ohio Sports Car Course and Putnam Park Road Course near Indianapolis. I’ve had a great time with the car and hope to continue as long as I can. Thanks for the RX forum info.


Thanks for the info. I guess the first thing to do is get the door apart. The service guy at Mazda said it could just be a broken wire - I should be so lucky!