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2000 Camry XLE driver's el. window partially closing

2000 Camry XLE. Driver’s el.window quits on way up, but will start again if I wait for one or more minutes before retrying. The longer I wait, the farther up it will go. Not fun at toll booths on rainy days. Started a few month ago when I forgot to close windows and the controls got rained on. Initially, a blast of WD40 seemed to cure the problem, but no longer. Took arm rest controls out, but couldn’t see any obvious problems. Is this an aging motor problem? Do I have to get ripped off by dealership serv. dept., or can any reputable garage do it? I’m worried about taking the whole panel off myself. Don’t have the tools to do so, and don’t want to rip “leather.” Help!

@RodgLaur any decent shop can remove your door panel, fix and diagnose your power window problem. It’s not that complicated.

Yes, take it to a shop. Either an independent or a dealer, but an independent who specializes in Toyotas will probably be less $$$. Any qualified mechanic nows how to take the fasters off without damaging the finish, and will be able to fix this with little difficulty.

If you decide to try it yourself, you’ll likely need special door panel fastener tools. These are not overly expensive. But even if you manage to get the panel off with damaging it, you’ll still have to figure out how to fix whatever’s slipping. This one is easy. Take it to a mechanic.

I used a Haynes manual to help me replace the motor on mine. Bought it from Pretty cheap.

Any competent shop can diagnose and repair this for you. Sounds like you have a failing window motor. Ask your friends, neighbors, or co-workers for a referral to a friendly neighborhood garage.

Please don’t refer to dealership service departments as rip-offs.

My thanks to all responders.

If you do decide to try thios yourself, ask the dealer parts guy for an “exploded view” drawing of the door as well as a porcedure for replacing the regulator motor. Ask nicely and they may print these for you. It’s always worked for me.