'97 Taurus Wagon GL (3.0): Power Window Just Quit

Actually it quit the first time almost exactly a year ago, but it’s failed again. I never did replace it last year because after dropping, testing, and re-installing it, it didn’t fail for several weeks so I put the door panel back ON. I managed to get the window back up by pulling off the door panel again and tapping the motor inside the door. Right now I’m thinking that if I got one more year out of this motor just by dropping it, maybe cleaning/re-lubing it would fix it for the rest of this car’s life!

How hard is it to do clean/re-lube these motors?

As far as replacements, the dealer wants $93, or I can get a “100% new” Dorman for $52 online. The other alternative is a reman CarDone locally for $62.


My wifes Windstar does the same thing and all I do is take the motor assembly out, take the motor out and clean all the lube off of it. Get some light, cery light grease and just put a little on it. (A lubricant for plastic would be good) Put it back together and it will work for about a year or more. 90 degree weather usually keeps the windows closed and the A/C on high down here.

As a tech at GM we all new we could get the window to move into a repair position but nobody just rapped on it and sent it out you will have a come-back. As a DIY and if you are good at removing door panels without destroying it just hit it. By the way is it bolted on? GMs were pop riveted on with some big rivets(big tool to pop these rivets) various methods to remove the rivet (drill,cut,grind. Iam talking about removing the motor from the regulator and the regulator from the door sheet metal.


It has (3) 10mm bolts holding it in. I’ve already taken it out once before and dropped it - then it started running again and never quit (until this weekend - one year later).


I’m going to try opening it up and cleaning/re-lubing it this time (instead of just whacking it). Then I’ll shove it back in the door again and drive with the panel off for as long as it keeps working (like I did last time). If it fails, it’s history this time…

Since you know it’s on it’s last leg, and since it’s already out of the door, why don’t you just replace the motor? If the $52 is to much maybe a used part from a local salvage yard is more affordable. Your time is worth something, fix it and move on.

I bought a replacement regulator/motor combination at eBay Motors for my 1998 Regal. The assembly cost about $70 delivered. Why not just replace both at the same time?


I know it’s only $52 - it’s not a money thing. I just hate throwing something away that works. No doubt, billions of dollars of stuff is thrown away in this country every day that is still good, either due to mis-diagnosis or because it was just “the easier thing to do”. And I don’t know if it’s on its last leg. That’s why I’m asking the question here - to see if anyone has had success cleaning/re-lubing these units. I guess the answer is “no”. Fine. I got my answer.


There’s nothing wrong with the regulator, from what I can tell. I can lift the window without the motor installed with my pinky finger (and it almost flies out of the frame). Besides, trying to get the regulator out looks like a major pain in the ### on this car. I think it’s riveted.