Automatic passenger side window

Automatic passenger side window does not function.The driver side window is working fine.Can I fix this myself easily?

Does the window go up and down other than automatically? If not, the problem could be in the regulator, the window motor, or the switch. Do you hear ANYTHING at all when you push the switch? A click, or scratching noises? You may have to try that with the engine off and key on to be able to hear it.

I know there’s a trick to the CX-7 one can do after they’ve swapped out batteries, but I can’t think of it right off hand. I believe it involved holding the window up button until you hear a click. I’ll have to search the CX-7 forum tomorrow to see if I can find it.

OK, found the post; it’s for the CX-7 and Mazdaspeed 6. Assuming your window rolls down with the passenger pushing the button, and not from the driver’s side button:

Go to that door and press down on the window button until the window goes down all the way. Keep pressing down for at least 10 seconds and you might hear 2 faint clicks. Then pull up on the window switch until it goes all the way up. Keep holding it up for at least 10 seconds and you might hear another 2 faint clicks. Release.

Let us know if this works