How to replace a broken window

I just got a 1990 Mazda 626. It needs the rear passanger, driver’s side window replaced. I got a used window but How do you get access to the broken one to replace it?

You have to remove the inner door panel to access the window and window regulator.

How do I remove the door panel? It seems to be attachted in a way that would result in damage to the Plastic retainers holding it on and I wouldn’t be able to get the door panel back on.

the plastic retainers just pop off. Just pull the panel off the door after you remove any screws. Sometimes one of the plastic connectors will break. But there isn’t any alternative

Autozone has a repair guide for your Mazda.

Look under Body and Trim, Interior

Ed B.

There is a special tool for popping the retainers loose without damaging them. I’ve used one and it works pretty well, but I’ve also done this job with a large screwdriver, and that worked fine, too.

There will be a few screws holding the panel to the door, too. It’s not just plastic pop fasteners.

Thank You very much, This is exactly what I was looking for…