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Window jams on 98 olds van

The dealer said the guts of the driver-side door come as an assembly for over $800 - plus labor equals $1100. The window motor seems to work, but I must pull the window back as it closes to get it to go all the way up. Is there a way I can get this fixed without spending so much?

I have not messed with one of these windows so I can’t say anything specific.

But, if you’re not entirely all thumbs, you could go to an auto parts (or even book) store and pick up a repair manual (Haynes or Chilton’s) for this van for about $20. It will tell you how to take down the door panel, remove motor assy & such. At the very least you could then do 2 things - one find that there is a way to repair it without replacing all of the guts, or do the repair yourself and save a bundle on parts & labor.

If you are all thumbs or just don’t want to get into it go to an independent, local mechanic instead of the dealer. You can get it fixed for a lot less. has the regulator for 36.00 and the motor for 26.00

you may want to find another mechanic.

it sounds like the regulator has gotten worn out, so the window doesnt go up evenly. since the labor is involved, it is worth replacing both at once.

you will NEVER get the dealer to sell you parts as cheap. and on your age van there is no reason to go to the dealer for repairs.

can you get the door apart yourself? buy a chiltons or haynes manual and see if you can do this yourself.

Thanks for the info. I’ll check it out

I conclude same as Chevy Venture? If so that is the way we did it under warranty,never did one Customer Pay or on the side.