Power Window help!

My buddy has a 2005 dodge Durango and he has lost all power to his windows and his driver side window is stuck down. I’m real limited on tools because I’m at work. Does anyone know of A way to manually roll the window up? I’ve tried to just force the window up and it wasn’t having it. I know I can disengage the arm and push it up that way but I don’t have the tools to do it. Anyone have some ideas?

Plastic film and duct tape to cover the hole.

There is no manual backup. There is a motor with a worm gear that highly resists being back-driven. That’s why your window doesn’t jiggle down while driving.

Have you checked the fuses.

I also think that there is a relay under the hood, in the power distribution box.


Since he’s lost all power to his windows, I think your odds are good that a fuse is blown.

As an emergency measure you can remove another fuse of the same rating, plug it into the slot for the power windows, close the open window, then return the fuse to its original slot. That way the window will be closed and you won’t leave an additional circuit without power until you can get a replacement fuse.

By the way, the fuse locations will be shown in the Owners’ Manual.

In the junction box under the hood, check the accessory delay relay and the 25 amp circuit breaker.


I’ve checked the fuse and it’s not blown. I’ll check the delay relay

This is a stupid question, but is the lockout switch pushed?

Mr. Knfenimore that is not a stupid question but a very good and logical solution. I have pressed ours by accident also.

There’s not a fuse in the circuit, but instead a thermal circuit breaker.

A thermal circuit breaker can shut power off to a circuit and not return power once the circuit breaker cools down.

Check if there’s continuity across the circuit breaker when removed from the junction box.


Are you sure the motor isn’t broken? Mine went once, and the symptom was it was stuck down.

Opened up the door and shimmed it up with a 2x4 I cut a groove in until the part got here.

Here are the schematics

Thanks guys! I got it the power wire in the boot between the cab and the door was split, re ran it stuck a new relay in it and he’s good to go!