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2002 Toyota camry power window issues

Driver side window seems off track .It made it to almost the top. Then went off track.Now the 3 other windows wont go down.Whats the problem??

There may be a thermal overload protection built into the power window system to prevent things burning out if a window becomes jammed. Turn off the ignition and wait for a while. If the three good windows work after things have cooled off you’ve solved part of the problem.

As far as the stuck window, if it is, indeed, off track you will have to remove the inner door panel to diagnose and repair the problem. If the window is just sticking in the track you can try cleaning the track and spraying it with some silicone lubricant.

A service manual would be very helpful for this problem.

The driver’s side window regulator may need to be replaced since it appears to be damaged. While trying to make the window go up and the mechanism jammed, the current to drive the motor went up and blew a fuse that supplies power from the battery. Normally there is a resetable circuit breaker in the circuit for these circuits but after looking at some data on your car it looks like there is just a 30A fuse. It may be in the panel under the hood or possibly the dash. It is fuse #1 where ever it is.

Thank you for the info. The sunroof also doesn’t work. So I think I better bring it to the shop.