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2011 Dodge Nitro - Power window

driver side power window don’t work, it does not go up or down, all my other windows work, whats the cause

You’ve checked all fuses?

I’d guess you’ll have to determine if the problem is with the switch, wiring, window regulator, or window motor.

I had that happen on a Dodge Intrepid and through checking determined the motor was at fault. I don’t necessarily recommend it, but I was able to easily remove the motor, open it up, clean and decarbonize it. Worked great after that. Replacement is probably the recommended course, but I like to live on the edge.


It won’t work because it is broken.

Could be the switch, door wiring, window motor, regulator, or copious amounts of superglue. I suggest getting it to a mechanic and paying them to diagnose it for you. much anything else will be just tossing parts at it, and could get unnecessarily expensive.

The driver’s window gets used more than any other, so it’s almost always the first to wear out.

You might need a new fuse, a new window regulator, or a new window motor. There is no way to know without doing some diagnostic work, and based on your description of the symptoms, I’m guessing electrical diagnostic work is something you’re going to want to outsource from a paid professional.