Power seat back went crazy

2007 Hyundai Azera Ltd U/E 3.8 v6 61298 mi.
While driving along, (both hands on wheel) the power seat back actuated and pushed me forward. The seat would not move
although I felt that there was electrical power reaching the motor. But the seat would not fold back.
I drove to the dealer in a hunched over position . When I got there, I tried the following: held switch in forward position a few seconds, then in backward position for a few seconds. The car ‘beeped’ at me. After another repetition of this the switch and seat back began to operate ‘normally’.
The diagnosis came down as ‘switch and/or limit switch/sensor’ were no good but the limiter portion was integrated in the power seat track assembly,
a $2300.00 part.
The manufacturer agreed to supply the track assembly but I will have to pay $670. for other parts, diagnosis, labor.
I read of 2 similar cases (same year and model)at Hyundai Forum,in one case I don’t know what ensued, in the other they merely replaced a switch.

I actually thought about getting an extended warranty or a new car as the car neared 60,000 (end of manuf. warranty).
I guess a warranty is less than a car, but are there good warrantees out there?

Any informative comments would be appreciated.


That could be a safety issue…especially for someone like me who’s over 6’. Seat pushes you too far forward you may not have good control of the car.

As for extended warranties…NEVER EVER worth it. Oh sure you’ll find the case where buying it would have been great…but if you look at all the people who have bought them…the VAST MAJORITY never ever needed it. 20/20 hindsight is great. When you get 20/20 foresight…let me know…I have some money to invest and need help picking the correct stocks.