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2009 Hyundai Drivers Electric Power Seat

Electric works to tilt the back of the seat.
Electric dead to move seat forward and back.
One mechanic said, without looking, that it’s the motor.
Another one said it’s the switch to control it and that he would need $300 to fix.
All I currently want is to move the seat back a couple inches manually. Is there some way I can do that myself, even if I have to take the seat out to do it?
Any comments on the possible free manual fix or the overall issue are welcome.

Unplug the electrical connector to the motor and apply battery voltage to the terminals on the motor plug.

If the seat moves you can position it where you want.

And you’ll also know it’s the switch that’s the problem.


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If the second mechanic actually checked the switch, believe him. More likely the switch than the motor.


Thank you, Tester. That is what I will do. I am just stupidly concerned that if, when I do that, it move the seat forward instead of back = makes the issue worse. What to do then? Reverse the wires to the motor connectors? - or is that dangerous?

You’ll find two terminals on the motor.

Apply voltage to one terminal, and the seat will move in one direction.

Apply voltage to the other terminal, and the seat will move in the opposite direction.