My Passat Seats are Possessed!

I have a 2007 Passat with power seats. In the past month the seat has started moving back and down on its own, sometimes when I’m driving, sometimes when I’m sitting at stop sign or pulling into a parking lot. It is not only scary, but it is extremely unsafe. Unfortunately, because this is a random event, the dealership hasn’t been able to replicate it and refuses to fix it. Have you ever heard of or had this problem?

Any suggestions?

Sounds like something is activating the switch, or the switch is bad and it’s making contact on its own.

That’s what I think, too, but, again, if it won’t act up while they are driving it, they won’t do anything.

A Volkswagen with electrical problems? Nope, never heard of that one! :slight_smile:

Nah, just giving you a hard time. Does this car, by chance, have memory settings for different drivers? (i.e. you can select 1 / 2 / 3 etc and the seat will go to a pre-set position.) If so, I think that might be your problem, either the memory module or the switch itself.

This is the trouble with these intermittent problems. If they can’t experience it they don’t want to do anything. If you don’t adjust the seat on a regular basis you could disconnect the electrical power to the seat motor. That would prevent the seat from moving on its own.

Yes, this does have the memory setting for different drivers. Don’t you love the way VW feigns surprise when these electrical issues crop up?

Thanks. At least that could get us safely to across the country next month.

Does it also have an easy entry feature that automatically moves the seat back when you are leaving or entering the car?

Yup. All the bells and whistles.

I wonder if the sensor that triggers the seat to move out of the way might be the problem? My Lincolns move the seat and steering wheel out of the way when you remove the key. I don’t know what your car triggers off of, but where-ever that is, it might be a good place to look for the problem.

Thanks. This car doesn’t move the seat out of the way when you get out, but that’s another good angle to pursue with the dealership.