2003 camry power seat problem

Hello everybody, the passenger power seat on my wife’s 03’camry was moved all the way forward during cleaning and now it is stuck there. All other functions of the seat work and when trying to move it back there is a click happening but it is just unable to move. I’m guessing that the motor is still working because of the click and I can feel the shaft wanting to do something. I guess what I want to know is “is this something I could do myself by taking out the seat or is it something best left to the dealer”.Thanks in advance…lateshift

Lateshift - I posted the exact same problem yesterday! The motor seems to work, seat moves every direction except back. Looked carefully all around and there’s no obstructions. The long screw-rod things on each side track that are supposed to turn and move the seat back don’t move, and the connecting rod thing from the small forward motor seems to jump a little as if it’s trying to engage the screw. heard that dealers will charge $1000-1300 which seems absolutely absurd. So all you folks who have expereinecd this, please help us fix these seats without taking a second mortgage!

The one lead that I found was a post at http://www.toyotanation.com/forum/showthread.php?t=322690 that showed someone taking out the seat, removing the motor and manually moving the seat back via the gears. I’ll probably attempt that before paying $1000.00 plus. I have to think that the seat just went passed some sort of limit on the screw and got stuck. Again, if anybody has any more or better ideas I’m listening.
Thanks for replying cheap-o don,