Power locks not working

I have a 1998 Honda CRV and the power locks stop working. I have tried both remotes and neither remote works. The control on the drivers side door doesn’t work either. The back door doesn’t work either via the remote only by pushing the button inside. In order to lock the car, I have to use the key.

Have you checked the batteries in the remotes?

Have you checked the fuse for the power lock system?

Sad Really. This Car Is Now Thirteen Or Fourteen Human Years Old.
In Car Years It’s Well Into Being A Senior Citizen. Stuff Happens. Stuff Will Keep Happening.

The fact that it’s just power locks is a good thing. It’s inconvenient, but you can still drive it.

You can pay to have it diagnosed and pay to have it fixed. However, when a car gets to be this age then it doesn’t have much residual value left if you were going to sell it, a poor investment for repairs.

It’s value is in transporting you inexpensively. I’d learn to live with idiosyncrasies, drive it, start letting go, and go ahead and use it up.

I would put the money saved by not doing poor investment repairs in an envelope for the inevitable replacement vehicle. A newer vehicle would be worth keeping everything percolating.

If the new battery doesn’t do the trick, chalk it up to years selflessly hauling people around and get over it. In fact, buy it a new air freshener.


When you lock the doors manually can you still feel the lock actuators (the motors that pull the lock handles up and down) trying to work? If the whole system is inop that’s one thing but I’ve seen Hondas where the actuators simply wear out over time and no longer have the oomph to do the job. In the case of the latter, unfortunately the actuators aren’t cheap (around $65 per on Rock Auto), and require removal of the door interior panels to replace.