Honda CRV Door Lock Problem

I own a 2001 Honda CRV and have realized that I will never own another Honda because it has had many of the exact same problems that my old Accord did. Seems certain things just break on Hondas. However, unlike the last car, I have decided that doing the repairs myself would be a cheaper way to fix these minor problems.
To the point: A few months ago, my driver’s side door lock started acting up. (Note: I quit using the keyless entry a long time ago and simply use the key). At first, it randomly wouldn’t lock/unlock along with the others. However, simply using the key or pushing/pulling on the lock knob did the trick. As time went on, the lock got more and more stubborn. Eventually, it took turning the key (hard) at the same time as pulling on the lever to unlock the door. Locking it still was not a problem. Now, even that does not work, and the only way to unlock it is to pull hard on the outside handle while pulling on the lock knob (this requires the window being down and is therefore impractical for any kind of daily use). Hence, I am resigned to climbing in the passenger door.
After reading that Hondas usually have this problem and that it is usually the door lock actuator that is the problem, I purchased a new lock mechanism and actuator (I figured replacing the entire thing couldn’t hurt…). So, I have replaced the entire mechanism within the door. However, the problem is still exactly the same. What else could this be?

When you say lock mechanism are you talking about the whole latch part? Nothing else it could really be. Thats all there is. Did you trying moving the lock up and down before you installed it in the vehicle? And when you say you got a new lock mechanism and actuator is it really new? Or did you go and pull a used part?

I don’t think you can make a blanket statement like that, really. I’ve seen the same problem on other vehicles, too. Toyota’s, Nissan’s, Fords to name a few.

Quite simply, I don’t think there was anything wrong with the actuator. I believe the problem is with the door latch itself, and the only way to fix it (it’s cheap, really, it is) is to remove it, clean it up really well (with a spray penetrant), let it dry, lubricate well (I prefer silicone spray) and reinstall.


yeo chase is right here…if you cant manually pull the lock up or push it down…and your key doesnt work either…that is not an actuator issue.

I have replaced the latch and the actuator (brand new, OEM from Honda). I did this because as the problem got worse and worse, it eventually clicked the latch into a spot where the door would not close and it was obviously not supposed to be (and I couldn’t get it to rotate back into place… trust me, I tried).
After a day of having it all in there, the problem seems to have gotten much better. Now the only problem is that I can’t open it from the outside. From the inside, I can pull the lock knob up and open the door at the same time. However, this same maneuver doesn’t work from the outside. It seems like the lock is simply not moving all the way into the “unlocked” position. I say this because if I hit the unlock button, it will click up then immediately back down, locking all of the doors.
Could this be solved simply by cleaning the outside door latch, or is this more likely to be that the lever is not in the right position?
Also: thank you all for your help.

I would say you installed the latch the wrong way. the rods are kinda tricky to get into the right position…especially if you dont make note of how they are routed before you take the old ones out. If the latch and the actuator are new and its doesnt work then you just installed them wrong.

Why would you not use your keyless entry remote and instead subject the lock to repeated locking and unlocking? This puts un-needed wear on the lock mechanism…when you could just use the remote.

The other doors not locking with the key on the drivers side is due to wear on the key switch inside your drivers door and on the door lock tumbler mechanism itself…its either dirty or worn out… The issue with having to turn the lock HARD and pull the handle is due to WEAR on the door lock mechanism/or lock rods again POSSIBLY the latch but not likely ALL INSIDE the door…prob due to wear or adjustment.

The fix is rather a simple one and involves removing the inner door skin and making sure that all of your lock rods are in proper adjustment and not bent or have fallen out of the hole of the mechanisms…ALL of this is EASY work to do, and easy to repair. PLEASE go back to using your remote…it is far easier and doesn’t involve using your key at all…It def the way to go if you ask me.