CR-V driver lock sticks, then unsticks

Odd. For about a week, the lock on my wife’s 98 CR-V did not lock by using the clicker, or by the door switches. She had to push the lock tab down. Once down, the clicker would open it. We were looking at a high-labor repair. Then like I said, after a week, the problem stopped. This is after all, a 10 yr. old car getting mild-moderate daily use w/110K mi on it, so I figured things should start to wear out. Anyone seen this & have a diagnosis? Thanks.

Our 97 Accord had a problem with the door locks when new, but the symptoms were different. When the door was locked, the power lock controller would start “locking” the doors at about one second intervals. But it only did that when the doors were already locked. It was repaired under warrantee and the service rep told me that they had a lot of trouble with those controllers.

Which door lock wouldn’t operate properly with the remote? Just the drivers door, or all of them? If all, the fault may lie within the remote. A low remote battery or faulty/worn (remote) LOCK button.

It could be a bad switch interrupting the circuit or a loose wire to the switch or actuator or a bad actuator itself.