Driver door won't lock or unlock with remote

Lock seems to be stuck. I have to use the key. Other doors unlock with the remote once I have opened driver door with key. Any ideas.
It is a 1998 Honda CRV with 103,692 miles in good shape. This problem may occur on all types of cars. Can it be repaired and , if so, is it very costly?

Pull the door panel and see if the linkage is stuck or has disconnected. If the door lock actuator is bad you can get one at a salvage yard if the part is too expensive new. If you are not mechanically inclined then I suggest you see a good independent mechanic.

My guess is the actuator. The lock doesn’t work from the button inside the car either, does it?

The lock could also be binding up from lack of lube. Use a spray white lthium grease, and spray the heck out of the latch mechanism in the door jam. Use your key to work the lock back and forth to get grease inbetween the plates. I’ve done this on a lot of older cars with great success.