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2004 Honda CR-V door locks

I recently got a Honda CR-V and the power locks do not work on all the doors except the driver door only. They will lock manually and I checked the fuse for the locks. the switch panel on the door will lock the driver door as well as the key less remote. ther other doors do not even make a noise like it is even trying to lock. could it be something electrical by every door or something located somewhere else?

In the underhood fuse/relay box, check fuse #16, 20amp to see if it’s blown.

If not, then more the than likely the problem is with the Multiplex Control Unit.


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I do not know about that car,but most every other one I have seen has a button on the door switch panel that will control the other locks for child safety

I checked the fuse already and it’s still good. I have heard others say the multiplex as well. I will go ahead and get someone to look at that now. Thanks so much!