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Power driver window not working

Please help!! Window problem
I have a 2007 328i coupe. I had trouble with my driver’s window not working going up and down. The driver switch for Windows , can’t work on passenger window, mirror adjustments, it’s like it’s dead or something. The mirrors also kept making this ticking sound like it wanted to turn Everytime I start the car and a little while driving. Well, today my coworker wanted to show me how to put the windows down using the key fob. So, he did and my driver’s, passengers, and sunroof did which I was truly amazed because I didn’t know it could do that (sorry I’m a newbie) well, I was ecstatic. but when I started my car, and tried to put the window up on my driver side, it didn’t go up! So now I’m stuck with a driver window all the way down and it’s raining. So I bought a car cover for now. The passenger and sunroof works though. I just cant control the passenger window from the driver switch, only works if I lean over and use the passenger switch. Please help, I’m trying to do DIY before I take it and spend a fortune. My coworker tried to help and we saw this post that if we disconnected the cable for the side mirrors. It should work. We did that but still didn’t work at all. The only thing upside is that the mirrors don’t make any ticking sound now.

From your description I’m GUESSING the window switch assembly on your door is broken. Buying a new switch panel shouldnt be too expensive and should be an easy DIY fix, it sounds like you already have access if you unplugged the mirror controls. You’re simply plugging in new switches.

If the window was slow or noisy going up and down, it’s more likely the window motor is broken and that can be a difficult replacement and tends to be an expensive part.
You’ve got an old BWM, expect more stuff like this.

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Does this BMW have a “master window” switch set for all the windows on the driver door? If it does, this is where you will want to focus your attention. If the master switch fails it usually puts a break in the Up Down circuitry so that even the passenger window switch will not operate the window.

Personally I would take that master switch out and apart and see what is happening…I would also want to see the window regulator being able to function…after that the argument for the master switch unit becomes much stronger. Most often this is the solution to this issue. I’m just the type who likes to verify what I need as much as possible…saves money and trouble. So if you are able to perform those tests I would do so before buying parts.

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I ordered the power switch online and waiting to get it tomorrow so i hope that’s it. I hope it’s that but if not the process of elimination could be the window regulator. The window went down smoothly though when we used the key fob. How would I know if I have a bad regulator?

The master switch is in the driver side.

Or is just unplugged. That happens sometimes when it wasn’t seated properly at the factory. Road vibrations eventually wiggle it loose.

I tried to plug it in and out and in and still same issue. All the windows work except the driver master switch. I’m really hoping its the switch and not the regulator lol.

So I checked the fuse and I put a new one again. It’s still not working. I’m still waiting for my driver switch module coming tomorrow.

Do any other switches have the same terminals so that you can swap another switch for the one that doesn’t work? Would be an easy way to confirm that the switch is the issue if terminals are the same. The good ole swaparoo test.

I tried but the passenger and driver switches are different sizes so they cant connect the same way.

Gotcha. Maybe the new switch will fix the issue.

I really hope so.

You might be able to close the windows with the key fob as well , usually by holding down the lock button. Many cars will also do the same thing when the key is inserted into the door lock and keeping it turned until the windows will either open or close.

I think the way a shop tech would start is by removing the door panel and measuring if the correct voltage was being applied to the window motor. From that observation they could deduce what to do next. For example if the voltage at the motor was ok, and the motor could be heard buzzing, but not lifting the window, then the obvious thing to do is check the regulator fasteners are all still there and correctly adjusted, and to lubricate the regulator’s lubrication points, while checking for anything broken along the way. Trying to solve this by replacing parts on a guess may work, but there’s a chance you may run out of money before you run out of guesses. Suggest if you get stuck to seek out a pro’s help for the diagnosis, then from that you can decide to fix it yourself if you want.

I looked into that. But that doesn’t work. It doesnt close but when I do unlock and hold, the passengers and the sunroof opens. Now mind you, my window driver is still down

Try putting the key into the outside driver’s door lock, rotating it to the “locked” position, then back to the neutral position, then rotate it again to the lock position and hold it. On some cars that will roll up all windows and close the sunroof.