Driver side window won’t work, Dodge Stratus 2000

I changed the control assembly in the driver side door and still no luck getting the driver side window down.
Does anyone have an idea where to go from here?

by control assy. I guess you mean the master switch assy on the door. do you hear any noise when you hit the switch? if not first check your fuse and relay. then check for loose wires, or a bad connection. if that all fails its probably the motor.

Check if the window motor works.


Yes the door assembly with the 4 switches for all windows and the lock button. It’s strange that the other 3 switches work on the drivers side and the lock button works but not the driver side window switch.
I don’t hear anything

besides checking the above, there is a rubber boot between the door and post. pull the rubber boot back and check for any broken and damaged wires.

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If the window motor is seized you won’t hear anything.

Remove the door panel, tap on the window motor with a small hammer while holding the window switch down.

You replaced the switch, so my step one would be to see if there is voltage at the switch.

I don’t know what your particular problem is but my wife had the same car with power every thing and some times the drivers side window would roll down randomly along with the door lock button had my mechanic look at it but he could not pin it down any one reason the closest he could come up was the wireing harness under the drivers seat as we had to move the seat a lot as I am 6 ft 2 and she is 4 ft 11 also the horn would randomly blow for no reason never could find out why we just pulled the horn relay and lived with for another year untill it got T Boned and totaled out.

well thats one way to fix the problem. lol hope you did not get hurt.

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No one got hurt she was driving it that day and the only thing that got hurt was her diginity as she saw it comeing with no time to stop or nowhere to go.

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Thanks for the help with this. It took a while. First problem was getting a parking spot on the side of the street where the driver’s side is on the sidewalk so I could do the work. Then I bought the wrong motor. Got the right motor and it worked! The original screws didn’t fit the new motor but I managed to get it in there after a trip to the hardware store and all is well. Thanks again!! pete

Thank you letting us know the final outcome.

That’s why they make one-way streets … lol …

Just curious why this had to be done w/car parked on the street. Are there no big parking lots in your area?

I’m in the middle of Manhattan, there are no parking lots in my area near my apartment, unfortunately. Parking in general is a major hassle. Daily I think of getting rid of the car, especially lately, with the pandemic and outdoor dining. Long story. Anyway I greatly appreciate the help!

Ok, I understand. I miss my Manhattan 3 day weekends. I used to take them 3 or 4 times a year before 9.11 happened. Redeye from SF to Kennedy, arrive at 6 am, subway to around 55th and Broadway. I’d be doing walk-abouts once in Manhattan, so didn’t notice the parking situation much I guess. hmmm … if I had that problem, the first thing I’d do is have a slice of pizza. Next I’d probably try to find a spot to park and do the repair in Central Park. But I’d probably wind up w/a ticket , the police officer telling me " no car repairs allowed in CP" … lol …

You get idea :wink: