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Power Door Lock doesn't work well

I have 2004 Honda Civic LX 4Door. Here are the issues with it.

  1. When I use remote controller to lock, it locks up the both front door, but not the back doors. When I unlock with remote, it unlocks both front and driver side back door, but passenger side back door.

  2. When I use lock controller on the driver side door to lock while door is open, it locks up only the passenger side front door

  3. When I use lock controller on the driver side door to lock while door is closed, it locks up the both front doors, but not the back doors.

Here are my questions.

  1. Some say it’s better to take the car to audio shop with car alarm specialty. It’s cheaper than mechanic.
  2. Roughly, how much it’s going to cost me?
  3. And lastly, how long it’s going to take to fix this?

Thanks for looking

#1. car alarm shop? Probably not unless they are the same shop that spliced or cut the wrong wires in the same car (does car have after market alarm system?) #2. how much? Anywhere from nothing to $$$ (a lot of money) #3. anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 months

I would ask around for a reference for a mechanic good at troubleshooting electrical problems. I doubt you’ll find anyone willing to give you an estimate on how much it’ll cost or how long it will take. It could easily run into several hours of labor without success. Good luck with this one.

Yes, it has after market alarm system. I purchased a used car 3 years ago and everything was working for a while. Then, it started this behavior about 1 year ago.

  1. Given this, is it still wrong wires?
  2. If I get rid of alarm system, would it be better?

It would not be the wrong wires if it worked for a while. The problem with the aftermarket systems is the quick splices they use to wire in their system. They might be the best place to take it for repair.

I do not know the original installer. Would it be ok if I take it to any car audio shop?
Would it be better if I disable the alarm?

You will need an audio shop that sells that specific system.