Alarm out of wack!

I have a 2010 Toyota Venza with an aftermarket alarm. About a year ago I had an issue where only the drivers side door would unlock. I could only manually unlock the passenger doors. If i were to use the button on the door, the button on the toyota key, or the button on the aftermarket alarm to unlock the doors the only door that would unlock was the driver side door. No matter how many times I pushed the buttons. These buttons did however lock all of the doors if they happen to be unlocked. I took it to the dealer, and they fixed it for 1/2 a day then the problem returned. I took it to the alarm installer and he ‘reset’ something which did the trick. Now a year later the same problem has returned. I brought it to the alarm shop and they fixed it. A month later again the same problem. I hate going to the alarm shop and having to wait 2-3 hours for a fix that seems to be quick and something I should be able to handle. Does anyone have an idea of how to solve the problem. The alarm is a Prestige Audiovox platinum aps-787n. Thanks.

The only permanent fix is to have this alarm removed and swiftly kicked into the weeds. I don’t know of many aftermarket products that will truly stand the test of time. A cousin of mine bought a remote starter last winter and asked my recommendations on installing it. I told her basically the same thing that I just told you. She went ahead and had it installed and it cost her big bucks shortly after. She had to replace an ECM (computer), a battery and a starter. On top of this… the guy charged her to remove the flaky remote starter. When this alarm leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere…you will have wished that you heeded my words.

Missleman …If I could not get a solution that i could administer myself I was thinking of doing waht you just sadi, but I was going to chuck it into the neighbors yard instead of kicking it into the weeds.

@gman86…the neighbor’s yard will work just fine.