Power locks stop working after driver side door slams open

I own a 2008 Civic LX. I was in a parking lot and opened my door, and a gust of wind blew my door out and into the vehicle next to me. Immediately after, my power locks on both sides stopped working, via the key fob and switches on both front doors. The alarm system now activates anytime I use the car, and I’m not able to deactivate it. If I can get my power locks working again, then I presume the alarm system will stop triggering. My key fob does not deactivate the alarm. I have ruled out it’s a blown fuse. Power windows do work.

Does anyone suspect what may have happened when my driver side door underwent the impact? Also, is there a way I can deactivate the alarm system / turn it off once triggered in the meantime, taking into consideration my key fob is not succeeding in doing so? I appreciate any input you may be able to provide!

From afar, my best guess is that the force of the impact damaged/disconnected a wire inside the door. Unless you are capable of removing the inner door panel and inspecting/testing the wiring connections yourself, you need to take it to a competent mechanic.


Inspect the wires that run from the door to the car, door-hinge area. Notice anything unusual, loss of insulation, all tangled up, etc? If so that could be part of the problem. Does the door-open switch seem to work ok? That’s located on the other side of the door jam, lock area, visible when door is open. Press on it and see if the interior lights turn on and off or whatever happens normally when you open and close the door. The security system usually uses that switch as one of its activating sensors . Not uncommon for that switch to wear out & need replacement on a 14 year old car, especially on the driver’s door. Beyond all that, the solution will likely will require shop to take door apart for a look-see.

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