95 Honda Accord Door Lock

On my 95 Honda Accord 4-door (>400K miles), every time the doors are locked, the servos click 25 to 60 times about once a second. Like a loud ticking clock. The doors are locked OK, but the clicks sound like the mechanism is wearing itself out. Is there an easy fix? It may be related to installation a few weeks ago of a new alarm system that included a remote control lock. I haven’t had time to have the alarm company look at it.

Honda had issues with the controller located inside the drivers side door. Lucky for me, mine went out while it was still under warrantee. Its about a $200 fix, or was in 97/98. You might find one in a junk yard now.

Why would you put an alarm on a 19 year old car with over 400k on it?

Did it start after the alarm install? If so, take it back and have them disable it and try the locks. Otherwise it is probably the door switch or the wiring to the door switch.

Could be the door lock mechanism is just wearing out too. It probably has a feed-back loop to verify the lock operation actually took place. It could be confused if the mechanism is on the fritz, so it keeps trying to decide if it is actually locked or not. Entirely possible the door lock mechanisms just needs a proper servicing, cleaning and lube.