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Door lock

My driver side door lock will not open with the key. I put the key in and it will not turn. I had a locksmith fix it, but he said it will brake again in three to twelve months! He said there is a defect with this particular car model, which is a 2003 Honda Civic LX. He said this is happening to all new honda models. Is this true? How can I pernmanetly fix the lock?

If your car has power door locks spend a few more dollars on the key fob remote. I have an '03 Civic and I think I’ve only used the key in the lock, ummm well never that I can recall. This remote system can be installed and programmed by a Honda dealer, and there maybe other aftermarket options that are less. Check with a Car Audio shop for a price.

The only permanent fix is a new lock cylinder. Typically, these are only available from the dealer. If there is a design flaw, the dealer may have a replacement that has been redesigned. They are also may be able to order a lock that matches the keys you already have. Check with them first.


If he/she did the job correctly ( replacing any parts that needed it ), the lock should last from 1 day to 30 years ( same as on a freshly built car ).

It is true that this lock design results in the key “beating up” on the “tumblers” in the lock.

On the PLUS side, these keys are nearly impossible to break off in the various locks.

Be sure you have locksmith make you spare keys and program them to match the car.

Do not let anyone make you keys that take a battery, as they have proven unreliable.

While I show no AFTER MARKET lock, as a locksmith we would still be able to purchase an Original Equipment one wholesale, and RE KEY it to match the rest of the car.

The other suggestion to put in a keyless remote ( if car does not already have this feature; is sound advice.

STILL, you want to use the key in each lock a few times a week, or the locks will seize up, and NOT work if you misplace the remote. They need occasional exercise.