Posting issues

Fotr example the text “the ads” u wrote above is overwriting this text box. Likewise the thombs up sign . On first page cannot select discussion category bc of screen overwriting. Problems started recently
Three weeks ago a o k.

Some problems w adz but those were there before. Ads not root of this problem .

I will only add that since Microsoft did a major update to Windows 10, I have been getting ads like crazy. I think their main goal was to install their new browser 'prolly filled with spyware. I’m not sure how to dump it all but so far I’m living with it. May have to go back to Dave the computer guy to clean everything up.

I use EAB easy ad blocker and get no ad;s and it is free. when you search for it will be in the shape of a stop sign with EAB written on it. I also have windows 10 with recent major updates.

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I’ve been using Adblock plus for some time now, really works well.

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Many screeen format problems when pressing the G button for accessing info unique to my account. Do u have android cell phone there at ct…?for testing purposes?

I don’t, but I can ask around. If any other android users can chime in, your help is appreciated.

Nothing here an issue on an s9.

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Not sure what the G means, but let me know I will test android problems.

The ’ G ’ is what is in the circle at the left of your posts or at the top right of the screen . That is how you access your profile and reply record .

In your case MR. Barky it is the picture of your dog . for me just the letter V.

I do not have a problem tapping on your v or my doggie pic. Evidently you are a devotee with few likes for posts. I am always amazed at your recognition from previous posts

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Works fine 4 me, Moto e6 on chrome

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No problems on lg g4. Did you try restarting phone?

About an hour ago I received multiple messages while posting that my post was already being edited in another window. It wasn’t. Chrome on Android.

Android 5.1 chrome 46 cell phone via wifi.

Fyi problems seem to be resolved by updating software to android 6.1 and chrome 49. This site apparently not designed to work w android 5 and chrome 46. 5/46 worked ok until about 6 weeks ago.

Well, the annoying popups are back at the bottom. Usually multiple windows that seem unable to be dismissed until a timeout. Multiple different browsers so not a browser setting. Popups turned off. Really annoying.

As I read the last post to this thread there was an ad for A vehicle listing site , now I have one for Home Depot . So what , ads are everywhere you go on the web .

Maybe they can provide some funds to this site so our esteemed Moderator Carolyn can stay around .

Good morning,

Yes, I had been given a heads up yesterday I believe that some new ads were being rolled out. I haven’t seen them yet, but thank you for the feedback. If anybody else has some issues (or something seems to be working well) please let me know.

True but they usually don’t cover up relavent portions of the main content like this posting box, with extremely small targets to dismiss them. I continue to read posts here because I still enjoy it. Contributing while its a pita is less likely. This edit box keeps exiting too. These were here before, rejoiced when they went away, now back. Whats wrong with sticking to the embedded ads?

Im glad you dont mind. Dont try to diminish others concerns in the same breath…