Posting issue

When you get too long winded in a post, the text box fails to expand, leaving you typing blind. Expanding it manually with the handle works, but as soon as you start typing it shrinks again. Also there’s an issue with the tag system - if I tag a post, it tells me I can only have 5 tags (despite only having 1 or 2) and also says that the tag character count is in the thousands, even though the tags add up to less than 11 characters.

Agree that the tag character field is too short. I do believe that the post field is large enough, but some warning should exist that you’e runningout of typing space.

Well, you’re not out of typing space. It just doesn’t show what you’re typing. The tag system issue came in the first attempt to make this post, which is short. It thought that the tags “forum” and “posting” were over 6,000 characters long.

is anyone else experiencing this problem? the text box is expanding for me when I type long messages. Or is it just the tagging box that does not expand? When I report the problem, I want to have my facts straight.

Text box isn’t expanding. Unlike the last time I had a problem, this is on a Mac running OSX 10.6.7 and Firefox 9.0.1. I haven’t noticed the issue on my win-7 machine, but I also haven’t been very long winded on it lately either.

My text box expands OK, it just wont post until I cut it into smaller segments, with my laptop anyway.

I get blocked from posting for days at a time…Short posts. long posts, makes no difference…Then, all of a sudden, I’m out of the penalty box and I can post normally…