The site ................. and here's the additional mandated but meaningless ten characters

With respect, have you at the site’s home created more links and features lately?
I’m now getting “Cartalk isn’t responding due to a long running script” more often than I used to. That’s usually a sign of too much data for the pipeline.

Anybody else finding this to be true?

The CT website was down for maintenance all evening (yesterday, Thursday) I noticed when surfed from here in San Jose. Maybe related to that.

No issues for me, but I am an occasional visitor. When I get the below character limit an emoji seems to fill the bill.

Nope, no issues.

Haven’t noticed anything with the CarTalk site recently.

Maybe you’re special!

More likely it is when you try to get on the site. It might be when they are doing maintenance, as George mentioned. I occasionally have the same problem and when I try later, I get in without problem.

The recent maintenance shutdown wasn’t what I was referring to, however it appears that nobody else is having the “long running script” problem, ergo it must be my computer.
Thanks to those who responded. The responses helped me to isolate the source.

I don’t have a long running script issue with this web site, but I occasionally do on USA Today. I think it is one if the ads that I always avoid.

I have to add characters sometimes to post a short comment. I consider it their problem…not mine.