Post formatting difficulties

Why does it seem to crop up randomly?
One day I can enter paragraph breaks by hitting the ENTER key (they appear correctly in the edit box) and then do not get processed with the post is saved?
If I go back and edit the existing post, the breaks are in there.

Some days later, everything is back to normal.
Then it’s broke again.

It doesn’t impact everyone as I can see posts made about the same time but they have paragraph breaks.

It doesn’t matter if I use the mobile or “conventional” site interface nor is it related to the browser as I have Andriod, IE and Chrome acting the same way.

EDIT: Sheesh, now it works when posting this new thread but I just left this otehr thread where it doesn’t-


I too have been having problems these past days. I’ve been unable to open threads. The little “script propeller” just kept turning and turning. It seems okay now.

I can’t explain or help with the random stuff about the website.

But I can just say that on those occasions that you’re trying to put in a break but it won’t show up, you can probably just type in the html code for it - which is simple. A block of text is just encased by < p > at the beginning and < / p > at the end - but leave out the spaces that I put in.

So start the post with < p >, type away and then put < / p > wherever you want the break. Then start again with the < p > and so on. You can just add them in where you want them after having typed. It should work.