Run together paragraphs


To the web lackies: I’m finding that many of my replies lately have had the individual paragraphs run together into one long paragraphs. Being from the “old school”, where running paragraphs together got us a rap across the knuckles with a ruler, it sort of bothers me. Running paragraphs together can obfuscate points. Is it possible to get the paragraph breaks respected in the future?


I agree with you about the paragraphs being run together. It’s happened to me a number of times on here (not out of choice) and makes it very hard to follow.


I discovered that if you click on the pencil icon (edit feature) and then save with no changes, your paragraphs are restored. So are your other formatting options that also sometimes get lost.


Thanks Steve. I’ll try that.


I tried it on the radiator question. It worked!
Thanks again.


I had this happen to me last week on at least one post,


I think it is done to save space and since some people write paragraphs with only a single sentence in each one, I can understand it. A paragraph should have more than one sentence. It has forced me to be more selective about how I write and make my points, which isn’t such a bad thing. I think that if you take the care to make sure that each paragraph has at least two sentences, it won’t run them together.