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Possessed Hazard lights

3 times within 2 months I have come out to my parked 2004 Town and country van to find the hazard lights on. I had not turned them on. They came on of their own accord. What the heck?

Was car locked, i.e., prank-proof?

No, it isn’t a prank. Each of the 3 times it has happened the van has been locked & parked at different locals. But thanks for the thought!

Are you the original owner of this van?
Does the vehicle have a security system, either factory-type or aftermarket?

Yes, it has an alarm system

Chrysler has issued a Technical Service Bulletin #08-005-04 that may be related to your problem.

The customer may find erroneous operation of the horn, headlights, parking, and brake lights while the vehicle is parked.

The fix is to bring the vehicle to the dealer, and they’ll hook a factory scan tool to the vehicle to see if the Front Control Module needs to be reprogrammed or replaced.


Good catch, Tester!
I agree that it is likely to be related to a body control module, but…just in case it isn’t related to that module, a malfunction of the alarm system is something to consider.