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Electric Door Look Failure on 2005 Town and Country

After 4 years the electric door lock failed on my T&C. dealer charged me $155 to reset a code and said if it happens again the Body Control module might need replacing. A week later they failed again, I read on another site of this problem and discontecting the battery would clear the problem. I did this and it worked. First, ss there a proper long term fix and second should I ask for part of my $155 back since it did not solve the problem and most likely reset the code the same way

(If only one lock is affected, read below) If ALL locks do not work properly, you may need to reset the power door locking MODE in the vehicle. Instructions should be in the owners manual.

You may have a faulty lock actuator or perhaps loose/corroded wiring to it.

If so, you’ll need to remove door panel to access.

thanks–a little more information would be appreciated.

  1. All the locks fail at once so could this still be a bad lock acuator on just one door? if so, how does one determine which door?

  2. I will look again but found not “power door locking MODE” in the owners manual. I do reset them by disconecting the battery for a period of time.


Well hello again. I thought maybe you’d gotten the fault fixed.

Not being a tech I couldn’t/wouldn’t say change the BCM.

I hate throwing parts at a problem in hopes of a lucky fix and I do not recommend anyone to do so.

Now, according to your original post, all the door locks failed at the same time. Correct?

This makes me suspect a blown fuse, BUT why did it blow?

Have you checked the fuse/relay for the power door lock system?

If all failed at once the problem won’t be contained to an actuator.

Your manual should tell you where they are located. Make certain they are good.

You may have a faulty switch or corroded wiring/connections.

Do the individual power door lock switches work? Try all of them. (make sure you leave the key on though)

For all the bragging Chrysler does they didn’t insert a power door locking mode program in the book? (OR the van?)

Perhaps phone a couple of dealers and see if your van has this feature (if you are unable to find it in the owners manual).

I’ve been under the impression all minivans came with this feature.

My 2000 Olds Silhouette had four(4) different modes to use.

The BCM controls a lot of things and I wouldn’t be surprised the door locks is one of them. Since the dealer service stated that it may be the cause of the trouble then I would suspect they are correct. Especially since power failing the electrical system clears the trouble. That means the trouble is not just with a simple switch are relay, a processor is most likely involved, like inside the BCM. If the BCM is at fault you can get a repaired unit for a lot less than a new one. You need to make sure the replacement will handle the options you have in the van. You will need the part number off the original unit most likely. It may also have to be programmed to work with your van options.

Electrical issues are some of the most expensive and often misdiagnosed of all problems.

Did the dealer come out to lot, and reset the indicator, or take it in, and do some diagnostic work ?

A AutoZone Drive-By code reading or reset is goign to range in cost, but 155.00?

That does not sound right if all they did was take a quick peek, and reset.

Get the service paperwork, and read it again… sounds off.

You can research the problem a bit more on the web, enough to determine if there is a chronic issue with this same symptom, and find thee LIKELY associated problem.

I would call 3 or 4 Dodge 5 star dealerships ( they actually are scrutinized to keep the 5 star rating, I know dealerships that got it pulled, they were not top of the pack )

If one of them has a service writer that has turned a wrench in last few years, you might be able to have an intelligent discussion, and gain confidence they know what to do. Be sure they GUARANTEE the diagnosis and repair.

I believe that a single solenoid that is running hot, can overload the circuit and set a code.

Disconnect battery, eliminate code. Underlying problem still there.

An intermittant short can cause the switch in one door to close, causing continuous flow of current to solenoid… a pinched wire, likewise.

So, if one door was acting up, I would take that door panel off, and inspect the wiring from the solenoid all the way to and through the bootwhere it transfers from the door to the pillar… a popular pinch point.

This is kind of a newish car to have such a problem, I would see if there is a TSB relating to this. IF there is, you might be able to bargain for dealer to do something special for you.

Though out of the 3 year warranty, there IS a discretionary fund to spend on clients that they feel ought not absorb repair costs.

Good Luck

Sorry for taking so long to respond. the locks worked till about 8/25 and I again reset via the battery disconnect technique afterwhich they have been working fine. I have been unable to get back and do Chryslers work or reapproach the dealer who has lost there Dealership due to the bankrupcy issues.

But will continue work the problem–More later