2001 Chrysler T&C Interior Rear Lights


I am experiencing some crazy “Christine-like” problems with my 2001 Chrysler Town & Country Limited because my rear interior lights will not go off when I’m driving and only after I remove key from ignition, exit, and lock the vehicle is when they will eventually (ie; time delay) go off. Yes, I have turned off the dome switch and the front overhead interior lights do go off. My local mechanic could not figure it out and referred me to a dealership. However, I really don’t want to go through the expense of a computer diagnostic check. Others have suggested that I simply remove the bulbs so as not to drain the battery (old one recently replaced, actually, as of today’s discussion). I’m thinking it’s the rear lift gate sensor, but what do I know. Any suggestions?


The problem may be with the light module though it could be with one of the door switches. You can check the switch operation by looking at the voltage across the switch while it is open or closed. When a switch is closed you will so no voltage across the contacts. When it is open you will see voltage.


just a hunch.

have you had either repairs or do you have a water leak around the back lift gate?

any recent changes to the rear of the van? how about a rear end collision lately?

the rear lift gate sensor activates all the interior lights. so that would seem incongruous that it only makes the rear light work!