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2011 Chrysler Town & Country - So many issues

Low tire light goes on and off almost continually, Passenger rear side door opens on its own, unlock car and passenger and driver side window goes down. Left directional signal is activated also. Both key fobs have started to act weird.

One fob will not unlock any door intermittently and opens passenger side sliding door without pushing button while holding. The other fob locks door and honks horn every time it is used. Horn honks with key in ignition and driving, slowing for light. (Drivers in front get irritated being honked at.

So are you bragging or complaining? Just kidding, this car has huge pile of strang electrical problems. Did you buy this new and the stuff started recently? If you bought it used… maybe its been under water? Has the battery been replaced recently? A bad battery can cause some strange issues… but these would make me trade this car in a hot minute!

Try removing batteries from both key fobs. If problem goes away it is one of the key fobs.

Seems like a great candidate for replacement.

Sounds like another Chrysler TIPM problem.


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