Security System issues

My son owns a 1999 chrysler town and country mini van (his wife’s). It will not start at random times, which is a problem when she usually has the kids with her. The former owner said he had that problem and it was the security system. He bought a 2nd hand part(s) which is now acting up. That part cost him $500 plus labor. Is there another way to resolve this problem? My son and husband are typical backyard mechanics and might be able to fix the problem if they could find directions. Does anyone know if there was a recall for this problem or a service bulletin that might give repair instructions? This site has been a big help with my husband’s truck problems, I hope you guys can help us again. Thanks

My suggestion is that you identify exactly what system the car is using (you have some leeway here) and then use “google” to locate a firm that deals with products to bypass these systems (this is a very robust bussiness area) Then contact their customer service and describe your problem. I could give specific advice if I was allowed to have a “hands-on” session with your car, but I think you will have good luck doing what I suggested.

Be prepared for the issue not to be security system related.

You have not adaquately described what indicator lights are illuminated and exactly what happens when you turn the key, “won’t start” is not good enough. I have ended my crusade to educate the public so that they use the correct terminology when describing what happens when they turn the key, it was a hopeless task.