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Possessed car

I’ve been having problems with my keyless entry. On two occasions (the last one while I was driving it)the alarm goes off without any apparent reason. Tried replacing battery in remote. In addition, sometimes the keyless entry does not seem to lock or unlock the car on the first try. Is this the remote or the system with in the car? Anyone ever had this problem?

The remote for the door locks is a separate system from the theft security system. A new battery for the remote may make the key less entry system work better, but it has no impact on the chip key that is “read” by the car’s security system.

If you have keys for several cars on the same key ring that can confuse your theft deterrent security system. Keep keys for different cars on separate key rings.

My remote doesn’t alarm on its own, but also have the problem with not locking/unlocking on first try. Also, when I try to lock using button on door, have to press twice. Other locks work fine first time, just not driver’s door. Also, driver’s door lock does not lock when starting the car, other locks do.

Hey Sarge, You Almost Got Me. It Looks Like You Dug Up An Old Question Posted A Few Weeks Back. This Ship Has Probably Sailed And The Driver Probably Sold Or Totaled The Car By Now.


I have had a problem with my alarm system going off randomly. It even went off while I was sitting watching TV. I finally figured out that the spare change etc. that I was carrying in the same pocket as my FOB was occasionally pressing the “Intruder alert” button on the FOB…triggering the alarm. Once I solvedthat problem the false alarms disappeared.