Prius key no longer recognized

I had four tires replaced and my oil changed on my 2007 Prius. When I picked up my car, it no longer recognized the signal from my key. I could enter the car by pushing the unlock button and drive it by putting the key in the slot, but it won’t work remotely. My second key also doesn’t work. The tire shop insists this has nothing to do with the service they provided. I disagree and expect them to pay for the dealer to reset the signal. Does anyone know how this could happen? The key has been working fine before the tire replacement and oil change.

Have you asked the dealer about this? Removing four wheels at once has a lot in common with auto theft. It might just be a security problem that the dealer can easily solve.

It’s doubtful that you can recover anything from whoever sold you the tires. It’s not their fault. They changed four tires and changed the oil. If there is a security protocal associated with removing all four wheels at once, it’s not going to be common knowledge.
You need to get the dealer to reset your key. Maybe in the future you need to have this car serviced only by the dealer.

This sounds like a security system problem.  If you have an aftermarket system or an unusual OEM system you need to know and understand the potential problems and keep anyone who is working on your car about the system.  

Read your owner's manual cover to cover.  If you don't have one check with the dealer or Goggle and find one.

I Take It That You Have A “Smart Key” ?

Try pressing the “Lock” or “Unlock” buttons 3 times. Does the Smart Key’s LED light every time the the button is pushed ? How about the other (“My second key”) “Smart Key” ? Try that one.

The batteries in the keys don’t last forever and their lives are shortened if the Smart Key is stored near any electronic devices, like TVs, Computers, audio equipment, cell phones, microwaves, and even certain lighting fixtures. Signal from these devices keep waking up the smart key and reduce battery life.

I’m just wondering if your main key battery has run down and possibly your “second key” is used only as a spare and has been kept up too many nights.

See if it’s just a battery issue, first.


The car was purchased new. I read the owner’s manual and under the do-it-yourself guide it describes rotating tires with no warnings about the security system. If rotating tires isn’t a problem, it seems replacing tires wouldn’t be either.

Check your manual to see if you have a remote sensor on off button. Found this on the wouwd wide wiver if infowmation.

“Check the Remote Access On/Off button under the steering column, right next to the Reset Tire Monitoring Pressure button. Two black buttons under the sterring column you will probably have to get on you hands and knees to see them easily. Too easy to bump by accident though and then you are left with remote access keyfobs not functioning.”