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Neighbor's remote sets off my car alarm

My neighbor has a 2006 or 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer and when he uses his remote, it sets off the alarm in my 1997 Mitsubishi Montero SR. It doesn’t happen every time, but at least once a day. My car alarm has never given me any trouble. The neighbor called the police on me one day, saying that I was setting it off deliberately, but I lost my own remote several years ago, so they knew he was silly. Does anyone know why or how this happens and, if so, is it a problem with my car or his remote? Thanks for your help.

Is it an OE alarm or an after market? In either case I would have it disabled. Of course I live in a low theft area and park my car in a locked garage. Car alarms seem to be a product that is not yet ready for the general public.

Key remotes are programmed to radio frequencies which change constantly. I suspect his remote may be programmed VERY close to the program of your alarm. A fluke I guess.

You can try contacting the manufacturer of your alarm system to see if they have a simple solution for the two of you. If not, one of you has to give in, and in fairness it has to be the one whose equipment is causing all the ruckus in the neighborhood. That’s you.

Meh, that’s debatable. Why is it his problem that someone else’s keyfob is setting off his car alarm? He didn’t program the frequency it’s responding to.

In any case, the simplest solution is to have the system disabled. Is there a fuse you can pull or something? Maybe the owner’s manual tells of a way to do it…