GM Keyless Entry Problems


… don’t worry about it. It will shut itself off.

10 minutes later…


My 2000 Chevy Trailblazer’s keyless entry alarm will randomly sound on its own. It does this an average of twice a day, and will sometimes disappear for a while. Nobody could fix the problem because it is a factory unit, and the chevrolet center says that nothing is wrong with it. I removed the horn fuse so that only the lights go off. Recently, it has gone off so often that it drains the battery leaving me stranded. This problem has gone on and off for several years now, and the Chevrolet Center stills claims that nothing is wrong with it. Any suggestions? I am in desperate need of help.

Any way you can just turn the alarm off?

Try reprogramming the door locks codes.

The procedure is in your owners manual.

I would start by removing the sensor inputs to the alarm system. If that makes the trouble stop then you need to track down the problem sensor line. Perhaps a door switch has dirty contacts. If that doesn’t work then it would seem the alarm system itself is bad and needs to be replaced.

Not that I am aware of. It is a factory keyless entry system. Apparently, all of the wires for the keyless entry are intertwined with the other electronics, such as, automatic windows, etc. Basically, the Chevrolet Center, as well as the other local custom shops do not know how to shut it off.

I have tried resychronizing the system, and we will see how this works.

I think that the Chevrolet Center has already tried this, but I will call to double check.

I am having this issue with my 2006 Buick LaCrosse CX. Did you ever get your issue resolved, and if so, what was the issue? Thanks.

I seem to recall reading in the Owner’s Manual for my 2004 TB that the alarm is only activated if I press the lock button on the FOB while the door is open. It will then ding and indicate the alarm is active (a few seconds after the door is closed and the locks are activated). A dash light is also momentarily illuminated. If I shut the door first and then hit the lock button on the FOB, the alarm is not activated. I think you have to hit the button twice to get it to turn on in that mode. I don’t use my alarm normally so don’t quote me on it, check your manual to see if it can be disabled. Then see if the problem continues.

Here’s a site dedicated to the TB/Envoy platform-
You may have better luck getting your problem resolved talking with folks over there.

His last post was a week ago, so I guess he’s still checking with the Chevrolet Center.

Sometimes, you’ve GOT to go to the specialists. The Alarm and Security Systems specialists AREN’T at the Chevrolet dealers. They are in your Yellow Pages (actually, their contact telephone number is). Those folks know this stuff! Call’em.