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Random failure of Jeep doorlocks

Randomly, and thank goodness infrequently, the remote keyless entry system of my 2009 Jeep Wrangler will fail to unlock the doors. When this happens and I then use the key in the door the alarm goes off. As soon as I insert the key in the ignition the alarm will deactivate (as it should). After the first few times I took it to the dealer and a computer was replaced. It kept happening. I took it back to the dealer and now they claim that it is normal! If I use the key to unlock the doors otherwise, no alarm. So, why the periodic failure? And, more importantly, how do I make it stop?

Have you replaced the battery in your key?
Service bulletin 08-003-10 “Intermittent No Start Or Intermittent RKE Operation” may address your RKE problem.
The reason the alarm sounds when you unlock the door with the key is these vehicles are no longer equiped with a disarm switch on the door lock cylinders.
If you want to lock the doors without arming the alarm you can lock the doors with the manual lock knobs or door lock cylinder.

I have replaced batteries in both key fobs. I’ll check out the TSB and lock manually. Thanks.

If you tell your dealer you are aware of the service bulletin hopefully they will research it and perform the repair. It simply involves replacing the keys so be sure to bring both keys.