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Opening door with keyless entry activates panic alarm

I have a 2004 Scion XB and when I open the door with the keyless entry fob, the panic alarm is activated. (This is new behavior. I bought the car used two years ago.)

When this happens, I can see that the lock goes up (unlocked) temporarily and then goes down (locked) again. After this happens the panic alarm is activated. If I click on the unlock button one or more times, eventually the alarm stops.

To answer the most obvious question, I am definitively not hitting the panic button when I unlock the door.

The only new event that I can tie to this issue was putting an automatic garage door opener in the car. Any possibility that’s causing the issue? (I am in the midst of testing out this theory, but it would be great to get some validation that it’s a possibility.)

Thanks in advance.

Have you already removed the garage door opener? It’s just a remote isn’t it? If so, any change?

The programmed radio frequencies MAY be close enough to interfere but I’m having doubts, although in the past, car remotes have activated garage door openers.

Have you ever dropped the car remote on asphalt or other hard surface?

Reprogramming the remote (to car) to the original power door locking mode or a different mode MAY make a difference.

I tried removing the garage door opener last night. It worked once and then went back to the bad behavior.

I don’t recall dropping the remote recently although it’s always a possibility. It’s not something I would have made note of.

Do you have any info or pointers on how to reprogram the remote?

Thanks for all of your input.

Have a look in your owners manual. It should explain how to program the different modes.

I wonder if there may be a problem with the keyfob. The button to lock the doors may be stuck down. Is there a LED on the remote to show when it is activated?

If the remote is ok then I would suggest you check the door lock switch and see if it has some dirty contacts.