Possessed '05 Chrysler T&C

I have a 2005 Chrysler T&C van, almost 120K miles, with a couple of problems. 1) Doors. A few years ago, the automatic side doors stopped working. When I pushed the button, it would unlock, push out like it was going to open, then stop. A few weeks later, the other side door did the same. I took it to repair shop, and they said the motor would have to be replaced; it was too expensive, so I just open them manually. A few weeks ago I was hauling some friends, and I told them they would need to manually close the doors because they were broken. I pushed the button to prove it, and they worked–after years of not working! But they haven’t worked again since then. 2) Turn signals. About a month ago, my left rear turn signal died. We (husband and I) replaced the bulb and it worked OK for a while. Then a couple weeks ago, I signaled a left turn and my right signal came on. Since then, they either work fine, don’t work at all, or the wrong one will come on. The doors I can live with, but the signals could be dangerous. What do you think is going on, and do you think the door problem and signal problem are related? Something with the electrical system? Thanks for any advice or help you can give us.

If you and your husband are mechanically inclined you could pick up a repair manual for your T&C at any large auto parts store for about $20. The door motors run about $200 and are not that hard to replace. I don’t think the turn signal and door problem are related. The manual should have a detailed wiring diagram that may help you with both problems. Other than that a good independent mechanic can repair your vehicle but the cost will be higher than a DIY job.

The turn signal problem can be complicated, involving the multifunction switch, the body control module and the instrument cluster. First you must identify if this is a display issue, in some cases the problem is in the instrument cluster. Do the exterior lights (turn signals) function correctly?

To diagnose the power sliding doors a scan tool must be used to monitor the switch inputs. From experience I can tell you there is a 90% chance there is a break in the track wiring. The track wiring (located in the lower sliding door track) is not difficult to relpace and less expensive than a diagnostic test.

I agree with Nevada that the turn signal problem can be complicated. If the multifunction switch is found to be bad then a qualified mechanic will have to replace it due to the airbag system. It could be dangerous for a DIYer to attempt. The door track wiring needs to be checked by another repair shop since the first one may or may not have done that.

I know on Honda vans sometimes when the doors act up they just need to be reset, or re taught there boundeys. I don’t know if Chrysler vans are the same. A quick google search should net you some answers.

The door problems may be due to faulty door switches. I doubt very much the motors are bad. The turn signal trouble may be due to the switch. The BCM may be involved with the turn signals circuit and if the trouble is with that then it would be pretty expensive to replace it. A rebuilt one would cost a lot less than a new one from the dealer. Try cycling the emergency flasher switch a few times to see if that helps clear the trouble.