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2008 chrysler T & C van electrical problem

What type of repairs solve the problem of a van’s inability to stop its windshield wipers.Also at the same time a person looks their ability to use the turn signals.

It is a very frightening experience.

Sounds like the multifunction switch on your vehicle has gone bad. Autozone carries the part for $41.99, or you may be able to open the switch you have, clean it, and have it fixed for free.

If you don’t want to do the repair yourself, I’d guess probably 0.5-1 hour labor at your mechanic, so $35-90 in labor, depending on location.

Thank you so much for responding. The van in question is now at the dealership since for safety reasons it can not be driven.When the windshield wipers start on their own and the van’s directional signals don’t work, traffic on back and traffic in front of the van don’t know when the car is stopping or turning.Also I’ve had to use our caution signals to let others know that the car is in distress.
I’ve printed out your reply and plan to have it with you today when I take another car ‘in’ to have its oil changed. A family trip was planned earlier but the van now can’t be used for such a trip until it is fixed.
Also it seems that when it is really hot that the condition takes place.
Again, thanks for respoinding!

Since its at a dealership, I’d add another $50 to the parts estimate for the repair cost.

But kudos to you for taking safety so seriously - most people wouldn’t think twice about driving a vehicle around with malfunctioning turn signals. Heck, most people around here don’t even know what a turn signal is. On the positive side, I’d bet your brake lights were still working, since that is on a different circuit. This should be a very fast repair for the dealership, though - they should have the part in stock, unless you are in a very remote location.

The trouble may involve the BCM module. If it does, hopefully you still have some warranty left on the vehicle.

The dealership has tried to get the van to duplicate for them what it has been doing for me and so far…no luck.The dealership knows that the situation emotionally unglued me enough that I basically refuse to drive the van until it is fixed.
It looks like it won’t be any easy or quick fix for now.
They did tell me that some ‘codes’ have surfaced when testing the van but from what I can gather they aren’t enough.
They also know know that our family is a long term and faithful customer for a number of years.So, they really are doing their best to find the cause.

Can you explain what a BCM module would be?

I just looked on the internet to find out what the BCM module was and found someone else who has had very similar problems that our van has. Boy, the final cost of installing,programming it, and cost of labor could around or over $1,000.Yikes! We do have an extended warranty on our van and so we would not have to pay the full cost if the BCM module is the problem.
Thank you for responding and providing me with another possible reason.