2016 Chrysler Town & Country - Power operated problems

Passenger side window will not work, problem with door lock also.

Open the door, and you’ll see a rubber conduit that runs between the body and the door.

There may be broken wires inside this conduit.

But you wouldn’t think this would happen on a 5 year-old vehicle.

Otherwise, you might be looking at a bad TIPM.


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You could try pulling the fuse to the BCM to reset it and see what happens

I think that rubber boot shown in the picture has a plug on the end of it. Make sure it is seated properly. My Chrysler van had a loose connection there that caused the right channel of the sound system to not function. The shop replaced the radio and later the speaker amplifier and couldn’t figure out the problem. I didn’t want to work on it myself since the vehicle was in warranty. I decided to check things out myself and pushed in the connector that was inside the door jam. The shop spent many hours, and replaced things needlessly, trying to solve a simple wire connection issue.

As others have said check the wiring first. If it checks out OK then welcome to the club, there are many folks complaining about the power side doors, locks, auto close and windows. My 2016 Caravan only has power locks but the passenger side slide door lock started to fail. The actuator is only about $60.00 but getting to it is difficult, dealers charge $600+. I spent about 6 hours to replace it