2008 Limited 3.5 V6 The door lock switches on both doors don’t work and neither does the trunk button

Ive had this car for over 2 years now and have never had any issues it has just over 190,000 miles on it. The issue started after I shut my car off to get gas and whenever I started it the door lock switch on both doors stopped working and the trunk button stopped working as well. On top of that the blinker stopped making any noise even though all blinkers are working. I checked my fuses and found 2 blown fuses I changed them and my issue stopped although it started again soon after and I’ve checked all the fuses but none of them have blown since. I’ve taken off my door panel and haven’t found any shorted wires along with my steering wheel cover. I’m at an absolute loss with what could be wrong with it or what to do other than take it somewhere to be inspected so absolutely any help at all would be extremely appreciated.

A lot of electrical gremlins on Chrysler vehicles can be attributed to the TIPM.


That’s your best path to a solution. Focus your efforts of finding a well-recommended independent shop with Chrysler/Dodge experience. Make sure to tell the shop owner who it was that gave you the recommendation to use their shop.

You need to either find a better independent mechanic or take it to a Chrysler dealer.