Pontiac grand am


my daughter has a 2004 grand am that makes the clicking sound like the turn signals are flashing. the signals are not activated and the lights do not come on.I have replaced the flasher and still keeps making the clicking sound. the clicks are erratic in speed.


Follow the sound to find the source. Is it the turn signal flasher? Use a section of garden hose as a stethoscope in needed.


I am not clear about what you are saying. Do the turning signals work when yo activate them? If so, does the flasher make the same type of clicking sound? If you pull the flasher out and run the car, do you hear the clicking noise? If so, it is not this flasher unit. Another thought: are the hazzard lights on the same flasher? In some vehicles, the hazzard lights utilize a different flasher. Check this out as well.


If you have the multifunction switch (turn signal, cruise, wipers, etc), it is probably the switch. I had the same problem on my 2000 Blazer and I had to replace the switch. When I was googling, it seemed that Pontiacs had the same problem. Here is one link describing the problem.


Ed B.


Mahe sure the key ring isn’t tapping the steering column.